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Keys – the one item that you probably don’t leave your home without! Being quite inconsequential in size, keys can be easily lost, broken or misplaced – and the chances are even more likely considering the large number of keys we carry on us on a daily basis. From keys for your home, car, cabinets, office cabin to that of your mailbox, you’re bound to misplace them at some point. That’s why you need to ensure that you have a spare set made in times where you no longer have the originals on you. Get in touch with Locksmith Service Sterling VA – we’re experts in key duplication and can craft just about anything, right from transponder keys to electronic keys, making us the one-stop locksmith solution in Sterling, VA area.

The ‘key’ to key duplication:

Key duplication isn’t something you can hand over to your nearest hardware store and expect to get done. Yes, you can get it done, but it won’t be done perfectly. Such keys rarely work, and those that do, end up breaking with persistent use. With us, however, you don’t have to worry about poorly-made keys, because all our tasks are handled by professionals, who’re trained and have holistic experience in the art of making and duplicating keys. In addition, we also supplement them with the most advanced key cutter and other associated tools to achieve craft keys with precision.

Get any key made in short time:

When you bring a key to us asking for key duplication, unlike others, we won’t give you 24-hour windows to turnaround the finished product. We can make just about any key in less than 30-minutes. Some of the variants we make include:

  • Locksmith Service Sterling VA Sterling, VA 703-646-9200Transponder keys
  • For car locks
  • Laser cut
  • Master keys
  • Zeiss 
  • Lever lock keys
  • Pin tumbler lock keys
  • Digital
  • Paracentric 

Leave key duplication to the professionals:

It’s not a perfect world, but when it comes to security, there should be absolutely no room for error. Entrusting a key duplication job to some random person may have unimaginable consequences. What if the technician surreptitiously makes a copy and sells it to someone interested or uses it himself to gain access into your property? Never trust a stranger with no proper credentials when it comes to such critical security matters. Always opt for a reputed and established company like Locksmith Service Sterling VA that has a team of background-checked technicians that handle the key duplication task, and craft you a key with impeccable finesse.

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